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The Bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love are known to many and often quoted in books, songs and of course film, most famously of all, Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge.  I believe that, in a way, this is what most of us are really seeking.  Indeed, that's pretty much my perspective both in my life and in my work.  A few years ago, an old friend compared me to Zidler, the Ringmaster in said film. I like to think that I have his larger than life character and good looks.

Thinking about it, a ringmaster is also a good similarity when it comes to my photography - steering my patrons, clients & friends, through their ventures and adventures whether with a smooth and reliable guiding hand or by cracking the whip.  After all, I am a positive, practical perfectionist with an exceedingly good eye for detail.

Photographs may not be distributed, published or used commercially without permission.

Where these photographs are used in social media a full credit must be given tagging Graham Silvester as the photographer.  © Graham Silvester

What you should know about graham silvester


Marketing Consultant

Branding Whizz Kid

Event Organiser


Graphic Designer

Tournament Director

Tennis Referee

In true Irish tradition many a story was recounted, history discussed and fables told and embellished.


  1. 1.Coldplay

  2. 2.Paloma Faith

  3. 3.Ethyl & Flori

  4. 4.Afro Celt Sound System

  5. 5.St Etienne

  6. 6.& much much more


  1. 1.The Alps

  2. 2.The Beara Peninsular

  3. 3.The Garden of England

  4. 4.Abroad - Driving

  5. 5.In the Air - Flying

  6. 6.& many many more


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